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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Imbricate   Dico Tools
A general term which applies under various conditions where one organ, or series of organs, overlaps another organ or series of organs; as in roof shingles.

Immaculate   Dico Tools
Without spots. Compare with maculate.

Immersed   Dico Tools
Growing beneath the surface of the water.

Imperfect   Dico Tools
Pertaining to a flower in which there is but one set of sex organs; i.e., those flowers which are either strictly male or strictly female; imperfect flowers occur in both monoecious and dioecious plants.

Impressed   Dico Tools
Sunken in; situated inferior to the surface of a blade, usually in reference to veins which are neither flush with nor raised above the surface of the blade or organ.

Incised   Dico Tools
Deeply cut or divided, usually irregularly.

Included   Dico Tools
Contained within, usually in reference to stamens, pistils, or capsules which do not surpass or exceed the calyx or corolla in length.

Incurved   Dico Tools
Curled or directed inward, such as hairs, the tips of which curve back toward the stem or surface of an organ.

Indehiscent   Dico Tools
Not opening at maturity; a term generally referring to some fruits.

Indeterminate   Dico Tools
Inflorescence whose terminal flowers open last. See determinate.

Indument   Dico Tools
Hairy or pubescent, usually rather heavy, covering.

Indurated   Dico Tools

Indusium   Dico Tools
A delicate flap or covering connected to the sorus in ferns.

Inferior   Dico Tools
In reference to an organ which appears subordinate to or lower than another similar organ; in reference to an ovary, at least the sides of which are adnate to the hypanthium.

Infertile   Dico Tools
Sterile; unable to produce seeds.

Inflated   Dico Tools
Blown up or dilated as if by air; bladder-like.

Inflexed   Dico Tools
Bent inward.

Inflorescence   Dico Tools
The discrete flowering portion or portions of a plant; a flower cluster.

Infraspecific   Dico Tools
Pertaining to any taxon within a species, such as a subspecies, variety, or form. Compare to interspecific and intraspecific.

Infructescence   Dico Tools
The fruiting inflorescence.

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Inrolled   Dico Tools
Said of leaf margins rolled inward toward the midrib.

Insipid   Dico Tools
Without taste or flavor.

Internode   Dico Tools
That portion of the stem other than the node; the distance between two nodes.

Interspecific   Dico Tools
Among species or between two species. Compare to infraspecific and intraspecific.

Interstitial   Dico Tools
That space which is between or among two or more discriminate structures; in the Rosaceae family, referring to the small leaflets between two large leaflets on the rachis.

Intraspecific   Dico Tools
Referring to a taxonomic entity with a species. Compare to infraspecific and interspecific.

Intrastaminal   Dico Tools
Among the stamens.

Introrse   Dico Tools
Turned inward or toward the axis.

Invaginated   Dico Tools
Sunken inwardly; used in connection with the achene in Carex.

Involucel   Dico Tools
A secondary involucre, such as that subtending an umbellet in the Apiaceae family.

Involucral   Dico Tools
Pertaining to an involucre.

Involucrate   Dico Tools
Having an involucre.

Involucre   Dico Tools
A whorl or imbricated series of bracts, often appearing somewhat calyx-like, typically subtending a flower cluster or a solitary flower.

Involute   Dico Tools
Leaf margins rolled toward the upper surface of the midrib.

Irregular   Dico Tools
Referring to a calyx or corolla which is bilaterally symmetrical, capable of being divided into two equal halves along only one plane. Same as zygomorphic.

Isodiametric   Dico Tools
Shapes with sides or diameters of nearly equal lengths.

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