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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Native   Dico Tools
Inherent and original to an area.

Naturalize   Dico Tools
To encourage a plant to grow and spread in an area as if it were native, that is, so that the plant then maintains itself without further human intervention

Nectar   Dico Tools
A sweet substance typically produced by flowers which are insect-pollinated.

Nectary   Dico Tools
The gland of a flower which holds the nectar.

Nerve   Dico Tools
Same as a vein.

Neutral   Dico Tools
Spoken of a flower which has neither stamens or pistils.

Nigrescent   Dico Tools
Becoming black or blackish.

Nodding   Dico Tools
Hanging on a bent peduncle or pedicels.

Node   Dico Tools
The point along a stem which gives rise to leaves, branches, or inflorescences.

Nodose   Dico Tools
Knotty or knobby.

Nodule   Dico Tools
A small knot or rounded lump.

Nodulose   Dico Tools
Provided with little knots or knobs.

Nut   Dico Tools
A hard, indehiscent, one-seeded, fruit, typically with an outer shell.

Nutlet   Dico Tools
A small nut or achene, typically 1-seeded, usually lacking a specific outer shell.

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