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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Barbellate   Dico Tools
Beset with fine barbs.

Barren   Dico Tools
Land with sparse vegetation, often with bedrock at or very near the surface (especially in mountainous states, often populated with scrubby pines).

Basal   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the base of the plant or some organ of the plant.

Basifixed   Dico Tools
Attached by the base.

Beak   Dico Tools
A slender terminal process, usually abruptly differentiated from the general outline of the organ from which it originates; usually applied to fruits and pistils.

Berry   Dico Tools
A usually fleshy or pulpy fruit, typically with two or more seeds developed from a single ovary.

Biconvex   Dico Tools
Convex on both surfaces.

Bidentate   Dico Tools
Having two teeth.

Biennial   Dico Tools
A plant which requires two years to complete a life cycle, the first year typically forming a rosette, the second year forming an inflorescence.

Bifid   Dico Tools
Cleft into two parts, usually at the summit of some organ.

Bigeneric   Dico Tools
A cross between two species of different genera.

Bilabiate   Dico Tools
Two lipped; most often applied to zygomorphic perianths.

Bilateral   Dico Tools
Having two equal sides on either side of an axis.

Bilaterally Symmetrical   Dico Tools
Referring to a calyx or corolla that is zygomorphic, capable of being divided into two equal halves along one plane only.

Bilobed   Dico Tools
Having two lobes.

Bipinnate   Dico Tools
Twice pinnately compound.

Bipinnatifid   Dico Tools
Twice pinnatifid.

Biternate   Dico Tools
Twice ternate; when the divisions of a ternate leaf are divided into three.

Bivalved   Dico Tools
Having two sides or units originating at a common point.

Bladder   Dico Tools
An inflated sac or receptacle containing a fluid.

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Blade   Dico Tools
The expanded portion of a foliar or floral organ.

Bloom   Dico Tools
A whitish powdery covering of the surface, often of a waxy nature.

Blunt   Dico Tools
Obtuse, round-tipped.

Bog   Dico Tools
A wetland, usually peaty, in which the substrate is typically acid.

Bole   Dico Tools
A strong unbranched caudex; the trunk of a tree.

Boreal   Dico Tools

Botryoid   Dico Tools
Like a bunch of grapes.

Bract   Dico Tools
A reduced leaf or scale, typically one which subtends a pedicel or inflorescence, but it also can refer to minute leaves on a stem.

Bracteal   Dico Tools
Pertaining to a bract.

Bracteate   Dico Tools
Having bracts.

Bracteole   Dico Tools
A small bract, typically that which subtends a flower, the pedicel of which is already subtended by a bract.

Bractlet   Dico Tools
A secondary bract, as one upon the pedicel of a flower.

Branchlet   Dico Tools
A division of a branch, smaller than the main branch.

Bristle   Dico Tools
Stiff hair or trichome.

Bristly   Dico Tools
With bristles.

Broadleaf   Dico Tools
Having broad and flat leaves that persist from year to year

Bronzing   Dico Tools
Referring especially to the color of foliage after a winter; usually a metallic bronze or coppery color.

Bud   Dico Tools
Very young developing tissue enclosed in scales or valves.

Bulb   Dico Tools
A short, often subglobose, stem surrounded by scales or modified leaves, typically underground.

Bulbil   Dico Tools
A small, usually axillary bulb-like organ.

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Bulblet   Dico Tools
A small bulbiform organ, particularly one proliferating from a leaf axil or sterile flower.

Bulbous   Dico Tools
Having the character of a bulb.

Bullate   Dico Tools
Blistered or puckered.

Bur   Dico Tools
A spiny or prickly, usually dry, fruit or cluster of fruits.

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