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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Habit   Dico Tools
The overall appearance of a plant

Halophilic   Dico Tools
Preferring saline soils.

Halophyte   Dico Tools
A plant that grows in saline soils.

Hastate   Dico Tools
Resembling an arrowhead, particularly with respect to the lobed basal portion, which is usually at about right angles to the main portion.

Hastiform   Dico Tools
More or less hastate.

Haustorium   Dico Tools
In parasitic plants, a specialized outgrowth of a stem or root, serving for the absorption of food, as in the dodders.

Head   Dico Tools
A dense, compact cluster of mostly sessile flowers. [Plate 8] Also used to describe the inflorescence in the Asteraceae family.

Heart-shaped Leaf   Dico Tools
Broad, with two rounded lobes.

Helicoid   Dico Tools
Refers to racemes or spikes which are coiled from the tip downward with successive lateral branches arising on the same side.

Helmet   Dico Tools
A hood-shaped organ, usually a petal, best exemplified in the genus Aconitum.

Herb   Dico Tools
A non-woody, non-grass-like plant.

Herbaceous   Dico Tools
Not woody.

Herbage   Dico Tools
Referring to green leaves and shoots.

Hilum   Dico Tools
The scar or point of attachment of the seed.

Hip   Dico Tools
The unusual fruit exemplified by the genus Rosa.

Hirsute   Dico Tools
Beset with stiff or stiffish, usually straight, hairs.

Hirsutulous   Dico Tools
Slightly hirsute.

Hirtellous   Dico Tools
Minutely hirsute.

Hispid   Dico Tools
Coarsely hirsute or bristly-hairy.

Hispidulous   Dico Tools
Minutely hispid.

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Hoary   Dico Tools
Pubescent with close, fine, usually grayish or whitish, hairs.

Hood   Dico Tools
Specifically, that part of the milkweed flower in which the stamens are greatly modified into hood-like organs; in general, an organ which is arched or concave. [Plate 10]

Horn   Dico Tools
A incurved body often present in the hooded body of milkweed flowers.

Humifuse   Dico Tools
Spreading over the ground.

Hummock   Dico Tools
A small, low mound in an otherwise wet plant community.

Hyaline   Dico Tools
Transparent or translucent.

Hybrid   Dico Tools
The progeny of sexual reproduction between two different, recognized species.

Hybridized   Dico Tools
Produced from two species.

Hydromesophytic   Dico Tools
Referring to the wet mesophytic swamps behind the high dunes near Lake Michigan.

Hypanthium   Dico Tools
Floral tube formed by the adnation of the sepals, petals, and stamens; most commonly tubular and simulating a calyx tube.

Hypogynium   Dico Tools
The disk-like structure subtending the ovary in the genus Scleria.

Hypogynous   Dico Tools
Flower with the calyx situated below the ovary.

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