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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Galeate   Dico Tools
Hood-like; helmet-shaped.

Genera   Dico Tools
The plural of genus.

Geniculate   Dico Tools
Knee-like; usually referring to the alternate, abrupt bends at the nodes of some stems; also referring to bent awns.

Genus   Dico Tools
A group of related species, as the genus Ulmus (elm), the genus Syringa (lilac), embracing respectively all kinds of elms and all kinds of lilacs.

Gibbous   Dico Tools
Swollen on one side; protuberant, often interrupting the radial symmetry of a structure.

Glabrate Or Glabrescent   Dico Tools
Becoming smooth.

Glabrous   Dico Tools
Smooth, in the sense of not possessing hairs.

Gland   Dico Tools
A general term applying to any number of small protuberances, viscid dots, or secretions.

Glandular   Dico Tools
With glands.

Glaucescent   Dico Tools
Weakly glaucous.

Glaucous   Dico Tools
Covered by a white or pale, often waxy, bloom.

Globose   Dico Tools
Spherical; globe-like.

Globular   Dico Tools

Glochidiate   Dico Tools
With minute barbed bristles.

Glomerate   Dico Tools
Tightly clustered, usually in reference to compact clusters of short-stalked flowers.

Glomerulate   Dico Tools
Similar to glomerate, but with smaller clusters.

Glomerule   Dico Tools
A small, compact cluster.

Glume   Dico Tools
The lowest two (sometimes one) empty scales subtending the usually fertile scales in grass spikelets.

Glutinous   Dico Tools
Covered with a sticky exudation.

Grain   Dico Tools
The fruit of most grasses; a caryopsis.

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Granular   Dico Tools
Appearing to consist of tiny grains.

Granulate   Dico Tools

Granulose   Dico Tools

Grit Cells   Dico Tools
The hard, almost stony, cells, found in some fruits, especially pears.

Gymnosperm   Dico Tools
Seed-bearing plant in which the ovules are borne on open scales.

Gynoecium   Dico Tools
The pistil or collective pistils of a flower; the female portions of a flower as a whole -- the corresponding term for stamens is the androecium.

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