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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Caducous   Dico Tools
Falling off early or prematurely; deciduous.

Calcareous   Dico Tools
Limy; as in water or soil made basic by a prevailing amount of calcium ions.

Calciphilous   Dico Tools
Lime loving.

Callosity   Dico Tools
A hardened thickening.

Callous   Dico Tools
Having the texture of a callus.

Callus   Dico Tools
A hard protuberance or callosity; often (in grasses) the swelling at the base or joint of insertion of the lemma or palea.

Calyx   Dico Tools
The outer, usually green, series of perianth parts; the sepals taken collectively.

Cambium   Dico Tools
Thin layer of meristematic cells, typically that which gives rise to secondary xylem or phloem.

Campanulate   Dico Tools
Bell-shaped or cup-shaped, typically with a flared or enhanced rim.

Canaliculate   Dico Tools
Having a groove or channel.

Cancellate   Dico Tools
Having a net-like or sculptured surface.

Cane   Dico Tools
The elongated new shoot of shrubs, such as in Rubus.

Canescent   Dico Tools
Densely beset with matted, often grayish-pubescent, hairs.

Capillary   Dico Tools
Hair like.

Capitate   Dico Tools
Head like; very densely clustered.

Capitulum   Dico Tools
A small head of flowers.

Capsule   Dico Tools
A dry dehiscent fruit composed of two or more carpels.

Carinate   Dico Tools

Carpel   Dico Tools
A pistil, or one of the units of a compound pistil.

Carpellate   Dico Tools
Having carpels.

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Cartilaginous   Dico Tools
Cartilage like; firm and tough but neither rigid nor bony.

Caryopsis   Dico Tools
In grasses, a seed-like fruit with a thin pericarp; a grain.

Catkin   Dico Tools
A dry and scaly flowering spike

Caudate   Dico Tools
Tail-like, or bearing a tail-like appendage.

Caudex   Dico Tools
The ligneous or woody base or a perennial plant.

Caulescent   Dico Tools
Having an above-ground stem.

Cauline   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the stem or features of the stem.

Cespitose   Dico Tools
Tufted, usually referring to the compact arrangement of the stem bases with respect to each other and their position in the soil; sometimes spelled caespitose.

Chaff   Dico Tools
Dry, scaly, often small, bracts; typically referring to those scales subtending the individual flowers in composite heads.

Chalaza   Dico Tools
The basal part of an ovule where it is attached to the funiculus.

Chambered   Dico Tools
Areas in the hollow pith of twigs where vertical walls occur at close intervals.

Chartaceous   Dico Tools
Thin, but firm; resembling the more ancient writing paper.

Chink   Dico Tools
A modified pore, usually involving an opening in the anther.

Chlorophyll   Dico Tools
The green photosynthetic pigment.

Chlorosis   Dico Tools
A symptom of disease or disorder in plants in which a plant or part of a plant is light green or greenish-yellow because of poor chlorophyll development or destruction of chlorophyll

Cilia   Dico Tools
Hairs or slender bristles confined to the margins of some organ.

Ciliate   Dico Tools
Fringed with cilia; bearing cilia on the margins.

Ciliolate   Dico Tools
Minutely ciliate.

Ciliolulate   Dico Tools
Minutely ciliolulate.

Cinereous   Dico Tools
Ash-gray colored.

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Circinate   Dico Tools
Rolled coilwise from the top downward, as in unopened fern fronds.

Circumscissile   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the dehiscence of a capsule (pyxis) which opens by a circular, horizontal line, the top usually coming off as a lid.

Clammy   Dico Tools

Clasping   Dico Tools
Tending to encircle or invest, as in the base of a leaf which forms partly around the stem to which it is attached.

Clasping Leaf   Dico Tools
When a stalk-less leaf encircles the stem.

Clavate   Dico Tools
Club-shaped; dilated upwards.

Claw   Dico Tools
The narrowed base or stalk of some petals.

Cleft   Dico Tools
Distinctly divided or incised, usually to about the middle.

Cleistogamous   Dico Tools
Fertilized in the bud, without the opening of the flower.

Cleistogene   Dico Tools
Flowers devoid of a corolla. The flowers never open, but develop into fruits by self-fertilization.

Clone   Dico Tools
A group of individuals, resulting from vegetative multiplication; any plant propagated vegetatively and therefore, presumably a duplicate of its parent.

Coarse   Dico Tools

Column   Dico Tools
Sheath or structure formed by the uniting of stamens around the pistil.

Columnar   Dico Tools
Shaped like a column or pillar.

Coma   Dico Tools
A dense tuft of hairs, often resembling a beard, attached to a seed.

Comose   Dico Tools
Bearded, with a coma.

Compound   Dico Tools
Pertaining to leaves which are divided into distinct leaflets.

Compressed   Dico Tools
Strongly flattened, especially laterally.

Concave   Dico Tools
Hollow; in the context of the interior of a curved surface; opposite of convex.

Concentric   Dico Tools
Two or more circles having a center in common.

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Conduplicate   Dico Tools
Folded together lengthwise.

Cone   Dico Tools
Three-dimensional object with a circular base, the sides all tapering to a point at the summit; the fruit of pines and their relatives; spore case of Equisetum. Compare strobile.

Conical   Dico Tools

Coniferous   Dico Tools

Connate   Dico Tools
Fused or united to a similar plant part. Compare adnate.

Connective   Dico Tools
The part of the stamen which connects the two parts of an anther.

Connivent   Dico Tools
Coming together; meeting at a common point but not fused.

Conspecific   Dico Tools
Said of two or more taxa belonging to the same species.

Contracted   Dico Tools
Abruptly narrowed or reduced.

Convex   Dico Tools
Curved or rounded, as the exterior of a circular form viewed from without; opposite of concave.

Convolute   Dico Tools
Rolled up longitudinally.

Coralline   Dico Tools
White and coral-like.

Cordate   Dico Tools

Coriaceous   Dico Tools

Corm   Dico Tools
A solid, bulb-like part, usually subterranean, as the "bulb" of a crocus or gladiolus.

Cormose   Dico Tools
Bearing corms.

Corniculate   Dico Tools
Furnished with a little horn.

Corolla   Dico Tools
The inner series of perianth parts, often colored; the petals taken collectively.

Corona   Dico Tools
A short-cylindric or crown-like modification of the corolla; also, a small crown in the throat of a corolla, as in Narcissus.

Coronate   Dico Tools
With a corona.

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Corrugated   Dico Tools
Wrinkled or folded longitudinally.

Corymb   Dico Tools
An arrangement of the inflorescence in which stalked flowers are situated along a central axis, but with the flowers all nearly or quite attaining the same elevation with respect to each other, the oldest at the edges.

Corymbiform   Dico Tools
Resembling a corymb.

Corymbose   Dico Tools

Corymbulose   Dico Tools
Resembling small corymbs.

Costate   Dico Tools
Ribbed; having one or longitudinal nerves.

Cottony   Dico Tools
With the consistency of cotton.

Cotyledon   Dico Tools
A seed leaf; the first leaf (or leaves) to appear during the development of a seedling.

Crateriform   Dico Tools
Saucer-shaped or cup-shaped (usually shallowly so).

Crenate   Dico Tools
Very shallowly toothed with broad, blunt teeth.

Crenulate   Dico Tools
Minutely crenate.

Crest   Dico Tools
A ridge or strong keel, typically along one side of an achene or nutlet; also, the elevated portion of a petal, as in some Iris.

Crown   Dico Tools
That portion of a stem at the ground surface; also, in the Asteraceae family, scales or awns at the summit of an achene.

Cruciferous   Dico Tools
With four petals in the form of a cross.

Cruciform   Dico Tools

Cucullate   Dico Tools

Culm   Dico Tools
The stem of grasses, sedges, and rushes.

Cultivar   Dico Tools
A cultivated variation.

Culture   Dico Tools
A small segment of a plant grown in a nutrient-rich medium; asexual reproduction

Cuneate   Dico Tools

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Cusp   Dico Tools
An abrupt point or tooth.

Cuspidate   Dico Tools
Bearing a cusp.

Cuticle   Dico Tools
An often waxy, outer film of dead epidermal cells.

Cyathium   Dico Tools
The cup-like involucre characteristic of the genus Euphorbia.

Cylindrical   Dico Tools
Shaped like a cylinder.

Cyme   Dico Tools
An often flat-topped inflorescence, the central floret of which blooms first.

Cymose   Dico Tools
Resembling a cyme.

Cymule   Dico Tools
A small, often compacted and usually few-flowered, cyme.

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